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postheadericon Healthy Food for Healthy Dogs

In order to eat healthy we must follow some very basic rules and stay away from foods that are full of fat, sugars, and preservatives. What we tend to forget is that the same should be done for our pets. Too often you will see a dog that is overweight from too much fat or underweight because there isn’t enough nutrition in the food and they burn what they eat too quickly. What happens then is the need to feed them more often and not only does it cause digestive problems, but also problems for your wallet. What’s more, many issues you see surrounding the quest for good dog nutrition comes in the form of food allergies.
You may be surprised to hear that dog’s have food allergies just like we do. So it is very important that if you have to change their regular brand of dog food, to keep an eye out for any changes in them. The changes you should watch for are in their coat as well as changes in their behavior like being lethargic. When a dog is lethargic it means that they seem limp and lifeless, seemingly too sick to get up and move around. If you notice any issues like this after giving them the new food, you should consult with your Veterinarian to find out what they think you should do. More than likely they will recommend you keep them on a bland diet until they are recovered. But what happens when a food brand is recalled?
We have all heard the headlines over the last few years about the pet food recalls. Some animals were just made sick by the food while others died. It is a very scary idea to not be able to trust the food you buy for your pets. However, with this onslaught of food recalls, the FDA is reported to be working harder to regulate the issue’s surrounding these problems
What many people are turning to now in order to regulate what their pet eats is to make their own food. Yes, that is right they buy and prepare homemade meals for their best friend. And what’s more, you will be amazed to learn that often times this alternative is cheaper in the long run. The reason behind this is because it will require less money in vet visits, and because what you make is more filling and healthy, your pet requires less of it. In fact, making homemade food is what many people who own hunting dogs have done for years.
These pet owners know that their animal needs to be in peak condition and they know how to ensure this. Figuring out a balanced diet that you can make yourself is a great way to have piece of mind, and can be a much healthier way to feed your pet if you do it correctly. For idea’s on good pet recipes, check online or ask your veterinarian for more information.