postheadericon How Do You Select a Good Chiropractor?

I started to think about this after a friend of mine from church was telling me about his back troubles. Like me he played football in High School and College, although to be honest I mostly sat on the sidelines in college. I got a scholarship to play at a small time college in football. However they mostly had better players than me and I just played on kick off and punts teams while I was there. He was looking for a good chiropractor in San Jose and asked me if I knew any that could be trusted. In fact I know a chiropractor socially, he used to be one of my neighbors. However I really had no idea if he was competent or not. He was a nice guy with great taste in food and he was a terrible golfer. In fact he was dangerously bad on a golf course, as he had an incredibly bad slice that forced him to face off to the left of the fairway. In fact I was wondering how you figure out who is qualified to be a chiropractor. My old neighbor told me where he had gone to school to become a chiropractor, but I had never heard of the place. He also told me that what he did was risky business, because it is necessary to take a whole lot of care in this sort of adjustment. It is obvious that when you are moving around the vertebrae in the spine and the neck you are taking some real chances. It is a big deal if you are working on this sort of thing and there is something which does not go right. It is real easy to seriously injure a patient if you make a big mistake. It is not so easy to know who is going to be flawless.

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